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The Association exists to help the Anglican Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire).

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On May 22nd Mt Nyiragongo volcano erupted sending lava coursing towards Goma and much of the population evacuated from the city. Rev Martin Gordon writes, Near the volcano, our parish of Kanyanja was completely destroyed - including the church, the school, houses and fields. In another northern parish, Buvira, the fields were ruined before the harvest and so there is little now to eat.

Towards the centre of town in Majengo, Ngangi and Buhene - houses have been covered in lava - and church buildings and schools are providing shelter for those affected.

Where the cathedral and diocesan offices are located, the lava didnít cause damage there, but it did in the past and could do so again, using the same underground channels. There are cracks in the diocesan offices due to the tremors and one of the walls of one of our secondary school has collapsed. We relocated our 25 theology students who live here to a parish on the outskirts of town along with several pastors and their families.

The diocese is responding by using what means we have at our disposal to focus on those who have lost homes in the parishes that have been worst affected. We are providing food, shelter, water, clothes and medical care.

Then begins the much greater task of rebuilding - churches, schools, houses, lives and livelihoods.

State of siege from 6th May in Ituri and North Kivu Provinces

Despite the State of Siege declared by the Government with its goal of neutralising rebel forces and restoring peace, horrific rebel attacks on communities continue to kill the innocent and destroy homes, causing massive population displacements. The Dioceses of Beni, North Kivu, Kamango have all been affected to varying degrees, as well as Boga where the most recent attack took place on 7th June.

Please hold these suffering people and places in your prayers, and ask God for peace, justice and restoration in this region.

A Prayer for the Democratic Republic of Congo

O God, loving parent of all, comfort your children displaced, wounded or orphaned by conflict in Congo; and give the people of that country courage to seek enduring peace with justice and freedom, that their children might grow up without fear; for the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Adapted by Canon Ian Tarrant from a prayer in the 1998 Congo Swahili Prayer Book, written after the 1996-97 war.

Objects of the Association

  1. To advance the Christian Religion in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  2. In partnership with the Anglican Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo to relieve poverty and to provide for the needs of refugees and the displaced.
  3. In partnership with the Anglican Church in the DRC and civil society there to promote and sustain schemes for peace and reconciliation, health, education and community development for the welfare and benefit of the population.
  4. To relieve poverty among the clergy and former clergy of the Anglican Church and the widows and dependants of any such persons.


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